WordPress CMS available at CottonConsulting.Biz

In addition to the many other CMS’s available from Open Source products for hosting here the latest “WordPress” is now available also.

This “Blogging” software makes it possible for you to write to your website from your browser (MS IE, Netscape, Mozilla, etc.) meaning you need no special software on your computer to edit your site. All you need is your username and password and *any* internet connected computer can be your tool to your own web editing.

The value of this is you can keep a journal, diary, or anything posted frequently since you don’t have to necessarily be at your own computer to do it. Post while you travel from anywhere you can get on the internet.

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Remote Support with Zoom.us

Most folks by now have had computer problems solved by having their uncle or primary grade niece help them out by connecting desktop screens with remote control. Teamviewer is probably the best known software for this process but there are many others. A new product for Webinars has this option for free (for 1:1 meetings) […]

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