CrossLoop – Simple Secure Screen SharingCrossloop

All I can say about this is… WOW!

For someone like myself who is a geek and is often asked to help others with computer use problems this *FREE* program lets others allow me access to their computer over any broadband connection.

I use UltraVNC and TightVNC which are the foundation of this program, but this simplifies it so it works past firewalls and does it quickly.

Consider this a five star rating from me after it’s first uses!

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  1. A BIG thanks from a small team at CrossLoop for bringing us to your readers and for the five star rank! 🙂 – we looove it!
    I wanted to make myself available for any questions that you or your readers might have.
    I recommend that you subscribe to our blog ( for new releases and updates. We are working on getting a new release out by private invitation only initially, based on user feedback.

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