Joomla is probably the second most popular content management system on the web today. It's what I worked with before I found out about WordPress. It actually has more capabilities for businesses than WordPress does but WordPress has grown in such a way that it is now a direct competitor.

I like to work with both WordPress and Joomla because there are so well supported by other Developers. I've been doing so since they were born. While I'm not a 10 year old coder and don't learn as fast as they do I have learned a lot about both cms's and I'm prepared to help others anyway they need.


Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive, the #1 place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML & Javascripts to enhance your web site!

Very useful stuff for website building.


LearnOutLoud.com Free Audio & Video - Free Audio Books, Lectures, & Speeches on MP3 Download and Streaming Video HTML This is a good idea! I am only getting started looking at these listings but my first glance is to be very impressed. Browse around the listings and see if you can find something to listen to instead of watching reruns of Lassie. :)

National Geographic Magazine - WildCam AFRICA

National Geographic Magazine - WildCam AFRICA

This, to be sure is amazing! See an African Lake in realtime with all sorts of wildlife coming to drink. Uses RealAudio and so has all the sounds as well as views as they happen.

:UPDATE Nothing lasts forever and this site went off the net Dec. 18, 2005 Clips from it are still available but the live feed is no more. :(

:2nd UPDATE The link above is updated to what is representing a more current Wildcam page by National Geographic.

Eco-designs on future cities

Eco-designs on future cities

I have long thought a "Buckminster Fullerian" way of life would come into being because it has to. And who needs the futures true answers for living than China and the overpopulated parts of the world.

While my U.S. seems to be caught in a past vision of the world as simply having everyone in the world under the biggest gun, ours, the rest of the world is moving on and ahead to a sustainable future for themselves, and it will make them the world leaders if my country refuses to wake up and take the initiative to build this first. William McDonough Partners | Huangbaiyu Cradle to Cradle Village Master Plan
is the site for the planned rural city in China

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