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I just came across this today and I am really thrilled!

I posted recently about Virtual Networking (VNC) and a one to one ability to operate a remote machine over the Internet with Crossloop.com but this is more for presentations or collaboration but would be great for support as well.

Installing it means downloading some Java and registering an e-mail address to identify you and that’s pretty much it. It requires a relatively new Windows or Mac operating system, I have not had success running it on my Ubuntu Linux machine I believe because it doesn’t use the most up to date Java but it could be something else.

Once running you get a chat window for communicating and a phone number listing if you want to conference call though it would be a long distance call for most folks.

The program seemed quite well made to me, it runs much as GoToMeeting.com does but without some of the bells and whistles they give for their $50/month service. Yugma.com is flat out *FREE* for up to 10 connections and just $10/month to go up to 20 users and added features of taking control of a remote computer and having hard disk storage online for folks. The free version does allow passing the presenter abilities around among those connected.

All in all this is a GREAT find and I hope their business goes far.

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