The Solar Sail

We Americans forget we are not the only folks in the
world sometimes. That’s why this story about an international effort to
send a space sail off in a few months really hit me. I hadn’t heard
about this in US press.

In just a few months, beneath the surface of
the Barents Sea, a Russian nuclear submarine will launch a single Volna
missile, left over from the old Soviet arsenal. Instead of a voyage of
mass destruction, this rocket will be sent on a mission of hope for the
future of humankind. It will launch on its way Cosmos 1 the
first solar sail. It will be the culmination of a historic privately
funded international space venture utilizing groundbreaking new

…. People ask you for criticism, but they only want praise.
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Whole Wheat Radio

Update: As the Internet grows there are way more changes than I can keep up with. But I have to say this great website is no more. I’ll have to find a replacement for this wonderful music they used to provide.

[Whole Wheat Radio – Home]

This has become a favorite Radio station of mine. I learned of it by chance from Bloglines I think.

It’s from Talkeetna Alaska and in addition to playing independant artist it’s website is interactive, you can give immediate feedback about artists and the music. Lots of fun!


I don’t post a lot here but I saw this video clip about the 2004 elections and I have to recommend it!

It’s made from the tune “This Land is Your Land” and it’s a riot.

Jib Jab, See it!

WordPress CMS available at CottonConsulting.Biz

In addition to the many other CMS’s available from Open Source products for hosting here the latest “WordPress” is now available also.

This “Blogging” software makes it possible for you to write to your website from your browser (MS IE, Netscape, Mozilla, etc.) meaning you need no special software on your computer to edit your site. All you need is your username and password and *any* internet connected computer can be your tool to your own web editing.

The value of this is you can keep a journal, diary, or anything posted frequently since you don’t have to necessarily be at your own computer to do it. Post while you travel from anywhere you can get on the internet.