It’s a Flat World, After All

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Something I have long felt was happening has been written up in a recent NYT Magazine article and I suggest *ALL* good Americans read it.

Bottom line, we are lazy and better get up!

Changes in the world are going on while we watch the belly buttons of our existence. We are about to be outrun not because others are just faster, but because we are sleeping.

Is this bad? Not necessarily. We are capable of creating new directions and new markets where they never existed before and I believe this means we need to create markets that need creating! Not just markets we can profit from short term, but as if God were after a market.

Are we about to be beaten and killed in this field? Maybe. And maybe that’s good. We need to leave the current field and go to the one all the world can exist in together anyway. We need to move one way or another. As leaders or as paupers, we need to move.