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Desktop Storm Wallpaper

Here is a great link to some incredible storm photos sized for desktop wallpaper. As a former pilot and weather affecionado I recommend this link below … Wallpaper

Caedes Desktop Wallpaper – Caedes.net

Caedes Desktop Backgrounds – Photography, Abstract, 3D – Caedes Desktop Wallpaper – Caedes.net I should just make a Wallpaper catagory here. I like to change my desktop wallpaper fairly often just to keep it fresh. This site is full of beautiful...

BACKGROUNDS – GNOME – art.gnome.org

BACKGROUNDS – GNOME – art.gnome.org Been looking for Desktop Wallpaper? This is a view of over 200 graphics from the Gnome Desktop for Linux Library. Most or Gnome related but others are not and all are beautiful. This page will load all their thumbnails,...