WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Which Is Right for YOU?

WordPress comes in two forms, hosted at wordpress,com or self hosted. They each have value for different circumstances…

What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Learn about their features and price points here, and how to choose the right CMS for your website.

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Time to Update websites to WordPress 5.xx

As a consultant for WordPress web hosting I will always recommend keeping your site as up to date as possible as falling behind can cause the site and worse, my host to be hacked by known problems, unnecessary problems.

But the update to WordPress version 5 has been a hot topic as it changes to a new editor, and change is scary. Personally I like the new editor, it uses blocks for all its elements and (theoretically) requires less knowledge of HTML. But it is different and is a change.

I ‘manage’ all the sites I host for others that is I do the updating and I have chosen to go ahead with version 5 but am keeping the old editor in all the sites.

If I am your host and you would rather use the new Gutenberg editor you need only activate its plugin from your Admin Plugin page. Or if you prefer, contact me and I’ll activate it for you and help you through understanding how to use it.

More Than Half of Websites Still Use PHP V5

Websites I host are all updated to version 7+ now, but many are using a PHP version that is going to be dropped at the end of the year.  If you have a website and don’t know if you are in trouble with this issue ask your host, or check your self. I recommend the Chrome addin called Wappalyzer which will show the source and version of websites CMS and server programs as you view websites. Read the linked site below to know the whole story…

Support for PHP 5.6 drops on December 31 – but a recent report found that  almost 62 percent of websites are still using version 5.

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The 12 Best SEO Tools To Use (2017 Edition)

A list of the best SEO tools for your blog and online business in 2017. I personally use most of these tools for my own online biz and absolutely LOVE them.

So many younger people are wiser and better writers than I am. It is sad, for me. But for the world, we have some great information on how to make our websites get more and more valuable hits…

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