Linux Mint Update

I consider myself a longtime novice Linux user. I have enjoyed using Linux OS’s since I discovered them 20 years ago and I always watch to see what is changed with each upgrade of the various distributions of it. For years now I have found Linux Mint to the be the best for me, it just works from the start and always has.

Today I decided to update the programs in it and I found a new (to me) button in the update program, Update to Tricia. (Linux Mint uses names for each new version) In the past it was not possible to update the distro without re-installing the whole system and it was not suggested for stable system users. But this new button offered to update the whole distro to the newest version and did so quickly, took me less than 15 minutes.

I can’t say I saw all the changes, I had updated many of the program changes myself before doing this. But it does seem to have cleaned things up a bit and the boot time is less and the icon and artwork is cleaner. I like it!


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