I had an interesting job today.

Hidden chips

I had someone in another state ask for help. Her Computer is dragging badly and taking long pauses. My first suggestion was to get a new computer but as we looked at what she has it seemed like an upgrade for her memory from 4 gigs to 8 gigs might be the better answer for this HP Notebook. I was hesitant to talk her through it because I’m so far away and if things go wrong the computer is not going to work but it seemed like a simple job so we went ahead and tried anyway.

I had sent over a link for a YouTube video that shows how to do this job. It’s fairly straightforward. Turn the computer over, take out the battery, unscrew the memory cover, remove the memory, install the new memory, put the covers back on and put the battery in and turn it on.

Didn’t quite go that smoothly.

8 Gigs!

The first thing was the memory was hidden. Once she got the cover off you couldn’t see the memory chips so she was sending me pictures via text or MMS messaging. It turned out there was just a cloth cover and pulling that back everything was back to normal.

She got the old memory out but had some trouble putting in the new memory and I think she got very nervous in the process. Can’t blame her. I was a little nervous on my side too. But a few more pictures of what was going on and I was able to help her reposition things and get the memory chips in.

And it works! Thank God!

I think in the future I will be sure the client has and can use a live video program, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, something just so I could be watching in closer to real time what is going on. I found some of the MMS photos sent to me took several minutes to get to me, not speed of light at all.