PSPad – freeware HTML editor

PSPad – freeware editor,PHP editor, XHTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, C, HEX editor

Once in a while I run into a real gem of a program and can’t believe it’s not better known.

I’m not a programmer but I play one on the web. 🙂

As such I need to work with text files and read them as a real programmer would, recognizing line numbers, programming formatting, and comparing file differences.

I have used Context free version for some time fairly happily but it is a little lacking of features in the free version.

I used Win32PAD and found it fast, but the line numbering doesn’t stay with the line when you word wrap.

Now I did a little searching today for a free file compare program and ran into PSPad at This is truly a *GEM*!

Not only is it doing normal text editing wonderfully but it has a file compare feature built right in. I has FTP built right in. It has excellent help files (in many languages) built right in. A spell checker built right in.

If you want a replacement for Windows Notepad just about anything will do but this program has everything I can imagine any normal human will ever need.

In my book it’s five star *****