Offline Blog Editing Tools

If you are not already keeping a Blog of your own you may be finding you are soon to be a minority. It has become so easy to create one now the complex part is actually wring in it, and this article is about new ways to create or edit Blogs from other programs, offline […]

Google Reader Upgrade

Google Reader (100+) Today Google updated their page format of Google Reader. It now can look much more like Bloglines or Pluck in addition to its old style of display. Personnaly I think this is a great improvement once again making Google the big bully on the web, M$ is falling backward again. Consider this […]

Folder View

Folder View – Official Home Folder View is a free (freeware) add-on for Windows that drastically enhances the way you browse the folders on your system. Files are often scattered around many different folders on the harddisk and locations on the network. Every time you want to copy, move, open or save a file, this […]

Make Firefox Faster at Forever Geek

Make Firefox Faster at Forever Geek If you aren’t using firefox and you have been reading my blogs, you have learned nothing. 🙂 If you are this link from has a very good suggestion on how to speed firefox’s browsing. It is for broadband (cable/DSL) connections and basically tells you haw to make Firefox […]

I made the move to Firefox/Thunderbird

I actually moved to using Firefox back in version .8 and I *HIGHLY* recommend it. For many reasons, security, features, speed, to name a few I find Firefox browser much better than MS Internet Explorer or it’s derivatives. (I used Netcaptor which was a fuller featured IE instead of IE before I upgraded to Firefox.) […]

Miranda Instant Messenger

Miranda Instant Messenger If you use Yahoo IM or AOL IM or MSN IM or ICQ or Jabber or just want in house network IM this is one handy Open Source (No Charge!) Internet Messenging client. I have a few people on each service that I like to stay in touch with but its memory […]

PSPad – freeware HTML editor

PSPad – freeware editor,PHP editor, XHTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, C, HEX editor Once in a while I run into a real gem of a program and can’t believe it’s not better known. I’m not a programmer but I play one on the web. 🙂 As such I need to work with text files and read […]