Vyew.com Revisited

Vyew.com – FREE Anytime Collaboration and Live Conferencingâ„¢

From my PC Users Group to the church meetings I attend I am always looking for good “cheap” meeting software so that folks can attend online as well as in person.

The best I have found is GoToMeeting.com but it’s not cheap and for non-profit groups it’s over the top.

Newer on the scene is Vyew.com 2.0 which, at least while it’s still beta is free.

To make use of all of its features requires a simple registration the visitors to your meetings are not required to join the site.

Unlike the GoToMeeting.com service Vyew is less involved with computer sharing, although it is now able to do so in a limited way, but it is great for collaborating on documents, file sharing, presentation design and the like.

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